About Us

Scottsteindds offers a wide range of services. We take care of prophylaxis, conservative treatment, we practice aesthetic dentistry, prosthetics, we also treat children and pregnant women.

  • We guarantee painless treatments in a friendly atmosphere
  • Not sure where to start? Come for a free check-up and together we will establish a treatment plan, taking into account your expectations and financial possibilities.
  • Do you need advice on cosmetics for your smile?
  • Or maybe you have missing teeth and would like to fill them up to be able to smile fully?


We are pleased to present you a new tooth whitening and enamel repair system for use in a dentist’s office, in which the active whitening substance is 6% hydrogen peroxide (6% H2O2) combined with nano-hydroxyapatite .

The procedure differs from other whitening products available in Scottsteindds by the inclusion of nano-hydroxyapatite, which remineralises the enamel and significantly reduces hypersensitivity.

The use of procedures compliant with generally accepted standards guarantees the quality and safety of treatment.

The new operating microscope provides us with the possibility of precise root canal treatment – this way we save some of the teeth sentenced to extraction.

The latest generation X-ray machine takes pictures in digital technology with minimal exposure to x-rays.

To guarantee a high level of treatment , we constantly improve our qualifications by participating in numerous symposia and trainings.

The clinic provides a wide range of dental care for the whole family .
We have been a stable, well-cooperating and friendly team of employees for years. Experienced and patient doctors, caring and cheerful assistants are ready to meet your expectations. When opening an office in a new location, we want to maintain an intimate atmosphere, so appreciated by existing patients. We respect patients’ time.

Our Cabinet Dental is equipped with the latest equipment and dental materials from leading world producers.